Wolf Creek 2 Announcement

Wolf Creek 2 Announcement


We all know and remember that chilling film set in Australia about a group of backpacking friends taking a road trip to a little place called Wolf Creek. Well, director Greg Mclean has announced there will be a sequel to the suspenseful and well recognised R18+ Australian film, which will be released by Roadshow on February 20, 2014. WOLF CREEK is not only the highest grossing R18+ film, but also the highest grossing for the year 2005, in which, it was released. Here’s the scoop from Roadshow.


Synopsis: Trapped in a bloody battle of wits with sadistic serial killer, Mick Taylor, a fresh group of unsuspecting backpackers find no mercy in this terror-filled sequel to WOLF CREEK. His irreverent attitude towards human life has escalated to a sadistic new level, more terrifying than ever, will anyone escape this gruesome game or has the nightmare only just begun?

Excited fan boys and girls were the first to hear the word as Wolf Creek 2 director, Greg Mclean announced the release date at Melbourne’s Oz Comic-Con on Saturday afternoon. “Our goal is to create an even more suspenseful, chilling and unforgettable experience for audiences and we feel very confident they will not be disappointed”, said Mclean. 

Mclean continued, “I’m so excited to be once again working with Roadshow Films on the new movie and look forward to unleashing the next installment of this thriller across Australia early next year.”

Roadshow Films Managing Director, Joel Pearlman said “Wolf Creek wowed audiences when it released in Australia in 2005. It is exciting that Greg and his team have found a way to bring the next chapter in the story of Mick Taylor to the screen and we are looking forward to bringing WC2 to audiences in 2014.”

Written by Greg Mclean and Aaron Sterns and produced by Helen Leake (Swerve, Black and White, Heavens Burning), Greg Mclean and Steve Topic (Crawlspace), the film comes nine years after the original Wolf Creek, and hits screen internationally. 

Reuniting many of the same crew and production members from the original film, Mclean has pulled together an impressive team including award-winning cinematographer Toby Oliver (Looking for Alibrandi, Beneath Hill 60), production designer Rob Webb (The Loved Ones, Tomorrow When The War Began), costume designer Nicola Dunn (Red Hill, Rogue) and editor Sean Lahiff (Swerve). The music is composed by Johnny Klimek (Killer Elite, Cloud Atlas).

WOLF CREEK 2 will be distributed in Australia by Roadshow Films. International sales are being handled by Arclight Films. 


If you’re anything like me and love a good horror film, book this one in the calendar. You may need to refresh your memory and re-watch WOLF CREEK. Get ready to be spooked and never want to go backpacking in the Australian outback as I’m sure Mclean is ready to scare his audience twice as much. 

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