Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek

Did you think the Wolf Creek TV miniseries meant the end to the movies?

Fear not! Mick will be back in cinemas unleashing more of his terror on unsuspecting tourists soon enough.  

Recently, director Greg McLean explained what he has in plans for Wolf Creek and it’s cult antihero, Mick Taylor: “I have a detailed plan for more movie adventures, and would love to see more in the TV world, but we’ll wait and see the response to the first series. They are really fun movies to make, John Jarratt is a blast to work with, and honestly, spending six weeks in the beautiful Flinders Rangers in South Australia every few years sounds good to me. There are worse ways to spend a couple of months.”

With mostly positive reviews for the TV series, there is a strong chance we will see our favourite serial killer on the big and small screen again.  

In the meantime, check out the interview we did with John Jarratt during his Wolf Creek 2 promotion.

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