X-Men Apocalypse & Wolverine 3 Shoot Back-to-Back! PLUS Jackman Interviews Himself!

X-Men Apocalypse & Wolverine 3 Shoot Back-to-Back! PLUS Jackman Interviews Himself!


Hugh Jackman may be looking fit in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST but the producers are under no grand illusions he has access to the fountain of youth.

But don’t despair! While there has been talk of an inevitable Wolverine recast, we do not have to suffer such sacrilege just yet…

At almost 46 years old, Jackman admits it’s getting tougher to bulk up to Wolverine standards, though not all hope is lost: “It’s tough to get there, physically” he says, “but once you’re there, it’s easier to maintain it”.

It appears X-Men producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Hutch Parker are on a similar wavelength, confirming in a recent interview with Collider.com another solo Wolverine movie would be filmed as close to the wrap of X-MEN: APOLOLYPSE as possible to help Jackman keep his tasty physique.

When asked if filming will take place back-to-back, the two replied:

Donner: We’re trying

Parker: We are

Donner: We’re absolutely trying, yes.… we announced Apocalypse to come out in 2016, so that means we have to shoot next summer.  And then we’d have to shoot our new Wolverine movie either before or after that.  I think after because it will come out after.

Interestingly, this seems to confirm Wolverine is taking part in the next X-Men film (which was never in serious doubt, but has yet to be officially stated by Fox)

Jackman’s age is almost a running gag in Hollywood these days (all part and parcel of playing an immortal character for 14 years!) Jackman even poked a bit of fun at himself in a recent interview…literally. See it below: 2014 Jackman interviews 1999 Jackman.

Check it out!




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