Zombieland to the Small Screen!

Zombieland to the Small Screen!

There once was alot of talk about seeing a Zombieland 2 hit the cinemas, following the further exploits of wichita, little rock, columbus and Tallahassee as they travel through earth’s zombie apocalypse, but alas due to increased salary demands another feature film is impossible, however there may be another format they could sink their teeth into.

Apparently fox are developing a half hour episodic television show based on Zombieland (hopefully with a balanced amount of humour and zombie violence.) According to the writers Zombieland was always meant to be a T.V show, the movie was originaly meant to be the a pilot

“We always thought [it should be a TV series]. If you watch the movie with that in mind, you will see some remnants of the television show. We have the ‘Zombie Kill of the Week,’ which was always intended to happen every week. The movie ends on a cliffhanger; it doesn’t have a real resolution.”

Since the astronomical success of The Walking Dead  T.V series, they must be getting pretty excited about the prospect of having some fun with this. If the timing is right, they could propell Zombieland T.V into the same popularity. However, I hope that the show will be handled by one of the sister companies of Fox becuase I doubt that they will push the boundaries as much as will be needed. The Walking Dead is hugely popular for it’s unapologetic violence, great character development and fantastic effects, I believe all three of those are needed to make this show a success, violence could be the first once watered down.

You can’t have a zombie T.V show without at least a moderate level of gory carnage, we shall see what they do with it.