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Soundwave Profiles - KoRn

Soundwave Festival 2014 has kicked off in style over in Brisbane and Sydney and still to go in Melbourne, Adelaide with the Festival finishing up in Perth on March 3rd. One of the bands attending is well my favorite band KoRn, who have been kicking around since 1993. I've been lucky enough to see KoRn numerous times over the years the first being the Big Day out 1999 which is still personally the greatest concert festival I have ever gone too.

The Sabbath is Nigh


Somewhere in the universe there’s an alternate reality, a bizarro world similar to this one in many ways, but with a few fundamental differences. People walk backwards, eat cereal for dinner, say goodbye when they mean hello, and Ozzy Osbourne is a church going janitor with two beautiful children he can be proud of.

Iggy Pop Frightens Aging Audience at Blues n Roots Fest


Access Reel heard recently it wouldn’t be invited to the West Coast Blues n Roots festival held at Fremantle Park this weekend. Apparently weird-looking journalists with a dogged propensity for exotic substances were not welcome at “the music lover’s festival”. But the absence of a media pass is a triflingly small matter for an aggressive proponent of live music, so I went anyway.

Future Music Festival - Recap

Well it’s nearly a week since Future Festival’s sensory assault on Perth’s music loving public, and we thought why not a bit of a recap on the crowds, the music, the food, beverages, the brands? Basically, how the commercial spectacle that is Future Music Festival played out last Sunday.

Firstly it was hot, too damn hot for the most part. With half the crowd going bonkers over early sets from Ellie Goulding, Fun. and Psy, the other half stayed out of the sun, hugging the edges of the Joondalup Arena in a vain attempt at some reprieve from the relentless Aussie sun.

Neil Young: Never Too Old


Ten minutes into my second drink at one of Mount Lawley’s painfully self-conscious hipster bars I get a call from AR’s helmsman, “head to Perth Arena for the Neil Young gig tonight, dress well.”

An hour later I’m rushing toward the newly built stadium, texting the guy I’m meeting with a rant about bad traffic. When I finally get there they’re still pacing around outside waiting for me, “poor start to the night” I think.

Future Profiles - The Stone Roses

With Future Fest a matter of days away now the excitement bubbling underneath Perth’s vacuous veneer is palpable. And so, in an effort to splash literary napalm on the flames of musical anticipation, we’re focussing on the lineup.

Although it’s the new acts that are probably inciting more interest among the majority of punters, it seems prudent for us to first look past the contemporary, back through the annals of music, and like tomb raiders of old, shed light on those headliners approaching decrepitude.