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Jeremy Renner

Arrival Review

Twelve enormous spacecraft arrive at a dozen different locations around planet Earth. Governments do not know who is inside, nor what mission the ships are fulfilling.  Scientists and the military are sent to get answers from these giant craft. The vessels are nicknamed “shells” because at first glance, they seem egg-shaped.  Dr Louise Banks (Amy Adams), an eminent linguist, joins a theoretical ph...

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Review

Imagine Hansel and Gretel from Grimm’s fairytales, only they’re not children anymore but adults!  Adults with kickass weapons. No, wait, hot movie stars with kick-ass computer generated weaponry. Now picture them with streets smarts, attitude and (pretty average) one-liners. The apparent audience for this movie is television’s Supernatural. The setting is Europeanesque, the time is the Middle Ages...

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