Pete Davidson

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Review

During the ’90s, a new faction of Transformers – the Maximals – join the Autobots as allies in the battle for Earth.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Review

I’m not really too sure what I went in expecting from Bodies Bodies Bodies, the much anticipated new film from director Halina Reijn and A24 Films, but it wasn’t quite this. Billed as a horror-comedy, reviews ran that this painfully Gen-z slasher was going to herald a new wave of woke, self-reflective, gore filled romps; and while it is all of things, it leaves a lot to be desired.  Beginning in a...

The King of Staten Island Review

Scott Carlin (Pete Davidson) is a 24-year-old high school dropout, who lives on Staten Island. His life is going nowhere because he has no job and spends most of his days hanging with his friends in a basement, smoking weed and playing computer games. Scott is afflicted with Crohn’s disease and ADHD, but it is the death of his father, when Scott was 7, that has most deeply affected the young...