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Sometimes a movie comes along that defies your ability to categorise it simply or quickly. About fifteen minutes into the new feature film BELOW, I knew this would be the case. By the end, I had seen many things, but still wasn’t sure how to describe the world that had unfolded in this Western Australian film directed by Maziar Lahooti. This is when every reviewer, turns to the Press Kit. It had t...

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Knuck (Matt Nable) is the president of an outlaw motorcycle gang called the Copperheads. While he has been in prison, Paddo (Ryan Corr), the vice-president, has been running things in preparation for Knuck’s return.  What Paddo has also been doing is modernising the Copperheads’ activities and alliances in order to turn the gang into a legitimate business. He is supported by his girlfriend K...

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