Messy Christmas Trailer

Messy Christmas Trailer

From the director of Welcome to the South (LIFF11) and Welcome to the North (LIFF12), comes the hilarious new comedy Messy Christmas. Set on the small island of Porto Buio, the traditional live Christmas Nativity scene might not go ahead because the baby who’s always played Jesus has grown up and no new babies have been born on the island in years!

With this fundamental tradition on the line, newly elected Mayor Cecco (Claudio Bisio, What a Beautiful Surprise LIFF15) wants to ask the local Tunisian community to “borrow” one of their children, but there’s conflict between the two communities. Cecco enlists the help of local Islam convert Bilal (Alessandro Gassman, God Willing LIFF15) to cross the cultural divide… but both communities are not sure what to make of a baby Jesus that may need his nationality, and even his religion changed!

In order to overcome their differences, the two communities prepare a nativity scene unlike any you’ve seen before in this entertaining boxoffice hit.

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