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Nelson Woss – Red Dog

Nelson Woss – Red Dog

Recorded the Day after the Perth Premiere of Red Dog, Accessreel.com sits down with Producer Nelson Woss to talk about the film. Red Dog is one of those stories that makes you smile but also makes you shed a tear, it’s a fantastic West Australian Story based on the book by Louis de Bernières released back in 2002 titled ‘Red Dog’, Bernières is best known for writing Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

Based on the legendary true story of the Red Dog who united a disparate local community in the 1970s. No one is Red Dog’s master until he meets John, an American traveller.

Nelson has quite the back ground; he’s worked for Universal Pictures on films such as ‘Private Parts’ and ‘Junior’ with the director Ivan Reitman and in 2000 Woss set up his own production company and went on to produce the Aussie film ‘Ned Kelly’ back in 2003. You can see how much he loves films and great stories; the enthusiasm just oozed out of him when we spoke, even after the cameras were turned off. I will be quite intrigued to see what he does next after the ‘Red Dog’ release calms down a bit.

Here’s a few photos from the Interview (click thumbnail). You can check out Phil’s Review here and the Trailer here – Red Dog hits cinemas this Thursdsay!


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