Julian Wright



Scream VI Review

The first Sidney Prescott-less Scream instalment re-locates the carnage to the Big Apple, cranks up the number of stab wounds, and revels in murder memorabilia in this satisfying entry in the long-running horror series that is proving hard to kill. Buckle in, there is some ground to cover. It’s a year after the Scream ’22 killing spree and survivors Sam (Melissa Barrera), her younger h...



The Suicide Squad Review

After stumbling out of the block in 2016, the deeply unsatisfying identity crisis victim Suicide Squad left plenty to be desired. Had it not been for the impressive box office receipts, we may not have seen the continued adventures of a group of violent criminals forced to team up to save the world (well, at least for another 5 to 10 years when the dust had settled and DC felt comfortable re-booti...