Luke Harris

Luke is writing short stories, screenplays and film reviews when he's not at the day job or looking after the needs of his family. So one Powerball...



Girl at the Window Review

Mark Hartley, director of the Patrick remake and Not Quite Hollywood (highly recommended) returns to present audiences with The Girl at the Window, a rural Australian thriller that is equal parts serial slasher flick and Nancy Drew. A mix that leaps high, miscalculates and lands painfully on its coccyx. Small town high school student Amy (Ella Newton) struggles with PTSD after being involved in th...



The Black Phone Review

Based on a short story by Joe Hill, Scott Derrickson’s The Black Phone is a well paced thriller that successfully crosses genre boundaries. Subverting expectations along the way is nice, but unfortunately the story telegraphs its main punches a mile off. This review contains spoilers, so if you wish to view The Black Phone impartially scroll straight to the last two paragraphs. Denver, 1978; A mas...



The Woodcutter Story Review

Mikko Myllylahti’s debut feature film tells the story of an idyllic Finnish village descended in to madness with the closure of the local sawmill.  Pepe (Jarkko Lahti), lives a simple, happy life filled with ice fishing and labour at the sawmill. Together with his colleague, neighbour and friend Tuomas (Hannu-Pekka Björkman), they exist like contented kings of not much in particular. However,...