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Most of us know of the terror attack that took place in April 2013 during the Boston marathon. Those events are revisited and further delved into in a new movie called Patriots Day.

The film starts off by introducing us to the main characters as they go about their everyday lives. Some of whom are getting ready to work at the marathon, like police officer Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg) and others who are on their way to be spectators. Unbeknownst to everyone, two brothers planned a terror attack which they successfully carry out during the marathon with their homemade bombs. As the devices explode, killing and injuring innocent civilians, the dangerous hunt for the two terrorist commences.

Patriots Day is a confronting film not purely due to the nature of the story but also the way it is presented. Director and writer Peter Berg, utilised multiple techniques such as the use of standard narrative and found footage, to brilliantly convey the horror all victims and police experienced. What really makes Patriots Day stand out is the decision to insert snippets of real footage of the terrorists and terror attacks throughout the film. The combination of these methods make for an exhilarating but emotional roller coaster ride which is best experienced on the big screen.

As expected, there is quite a lot of blood and gore but it is dealt with in a respectful manner without being grotesque and unnecessary.

Movies based on real life events often suffer from pacing issues, however, Patriots Day pleasantly surprises with its consistent fast pace and a strong “sitting on the edge of your seat” tension. All of which are accompanied by a very distinguished great score courtesy of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

There is a sense that the film makers knew they had to create an outstanding movie or face major backlash. While some scenes have been over dramatised for the audience – it only serves to further benefit the story without taking anything away from the victims.

The film hosts a number of talented individuals, among them are Kevin Bacon, Michelle Monaghan, John Goodman and Mark Wahlberg – who also acted as a producer.

Patriots Day is a thoroughly well executed project which will leave you thinking and talking about it long after the credits roll. It’s one of those films that everyone needs to watch.

I rate it 8 out of 10 stars.

Patriots Day will be in Australian cinemas this Thursday.



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