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I hated myself for liking the first film and was reluctant to watch the second….so how does PITCH PERFECT 2 fare?

PITCH PERFECT is the bane of every singing teacher’s existence, leading children around the world to ‘channel their inner pop star’ singing in moany, nasal voices with ill-advised vocal acrobatics. Coming from a musical background, for this reason alone I despised the idea of the first flick….I was even more annoyed when I watched the movie for myself and actually liked it(!)

PITCH PERFECT 2 is similar in formula to its predecessor, but there’s nothing wrong with that. After a disastrous performance in front of the President strips them of their pride and upcoming tour rights, the Barden Bellas enter an international competition to try and clear their name. But they’re up against the unbeatable German group Das Sound Machine…

Directed by Aca-commentator Elizabeth Banks herself, PITCH PERFECT 2 is slick and funny with the gags coming thick and fast.  While sequels often go to the extreme, blowing everything from the first film out of proportion, PITCH PERFECT 2 remains relatively humble.

There are warm and fuzzy nods to the first film, and more emphasis on the characters that came out as audience faves the first time around. Ultimately, however, the movie stays pretty grounded and the spirit remains the same.

There are some likeable new additions to the group, namely Hailee Steinfeld (TRUE GRIT) who is so adorable you could just eat her up.

The Aca-sets are impressive (particularly Das Sound Machine who definitely outshine the poor old Bellas). Choreographer Aakomon Jones has excelled himself. I found myself getting irritated at the frenzied camera work as it’s sweeping shots and constant movement meant I couldn’t fully appreciate the wicked dance work on show. The single packaged with this movie (Flashlight by Jesse J) is nowhere near as catchy as The Cup Song from PITCH PERFECT 1…but hey, we can’t have it all.

I have little to moan about with this film. Yep, it super mainstream. Yep, it’s generic. Yep, most of the cast are too old to pass for college students. Yep, the makeup is also waaaay too heavy (what was with all the orange faces and poor blending into the neck?!) But it is a tonne of fun and will have you laughing out loud…and possibly even singing out loud.

A must-see for fans of the original, PITCH PERFECT 2 is a bucket of toe-tapping fun. I rate it 8 stars.




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