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Pitch Perfect

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The new comedy flick PITCH PEFECT is laugh-out-loud funny with a bit of drama thrown in the mix. Although I’m not a fan of typical teenage coming-of-age flicks, this film knows it’s cheesy and flaunts it. 

BECA, played by Anna Kendrick, is an alternative chick who dreams of being the next David Guetta. Free tuition at Barden University (compliments of her not-so-supportive Dad) introduces her to the world of the Barden Bellas who compete at the yearly a cappella competition. Joined with eight other females they compete against their rivals, the all-male Treble Makers who mash up new tunes and add their own flavour, while the Bellas stick to what they know. Beca strives to change this exhaustingly repetitive routine, but this doesn’t please Aubrey, the leader of the pack. The film explores relationships and the American college life. The Bellas fight to the finish even if it means ripping shirts off on stage and getting shot at by kebabs.

Rebel Wilson is a-ca-mazing. Wilson is the most comical character in the group and doesn’t over deliver on her performances. She is mostly the reason why the film is so hilarious, her performance will not let you down. Next up we have Hana Mae Lee whose character Lilly delivers the most random lines at a whisper volume and is sure to crack you up. Brittany Snow proves her talent, and not just vocally. Snow usually plays the smart popular teenage girl (JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE, PROM NIGHT), however she plays a dedicated, ditzy a cappella nerd and proves she is more than just a pretty face.

Kendrick’s performance deserves praise, however her character, Beca, was the least captivating of the group. Beca didn’t overcome any obstacles or achieve her goals by the end of the film which is upsetting as she is a likable character and easy for the audience to relate to. Kendrick gives Beca personality (which a lot of actors and actresses seem to forget about in Hollywood), and creates a different style of comedy in comparison to Wilson’s character.

Overall, it is a well cast film and has been given a lot of thought and artistic effectiveness. Although it was predictable, the film added some sugar and spice. It’s sure to leave you in stitches, so grab your boyfriend (because he’ll actually like this one too) some popcorn, a choc bomb and make it a small drink because this one might make you wee yourself.

The director, Jason Moore (DAWSON’S CREEK), has done a fine job at realising the films potential musically and comically. In collaboration with cinematographer Julio Macat (WEDDING CRASHERS, HOME ALONE) and writer Kay Cannon (NEW GIRL) the trio create an a cappella hit with some of the most polished young talent today. Check it out December 6. I rate it 7/10.



Stacey's favourite films include: Titanic (1997), Cast Away (2000), Moulin Rouge (2001), The Notebook (2004), Kill Bill vol.1 and 2 (2003, 2004), Ruby Sparks (2012) and the list goes on. 


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