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Coming off the back of “The Other Woman” – here we find Cameron Diaz in another comedy. This time adding Jason Segel to the mix in a movie called “Sex Tape”.  Wonder what this mysteriously titled movie could be about?  Read on to find out.

When we first meet Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz), they have just started dating and as one might imagine, have “passionate” sex at any place, any time. Fast forward ten years and two kids later, their sex life have cooled down to almost nonexistent. Frustrated by how things have turned out, they attempt to get their intimacy back unsuccessfully. Soon inspiration hits – or perhaps some alcohol  and they loosen up to decide to try every position in “The Joy of Sex” while recording the three hour session on their iPad.  When finished, Annie asks Jay to delete the video in the morning, to which he agrees. So how does the video goes viral? because he chose not to delete it. With their reputations on the line, they begin their “chase to erase”.

With Segel co-writing it and Jake Kasdan directing it, this movie should’ve been and could have been better. The gags are all over the place, one minute you’ll laugh out loud, the next you’ll roll your eye at the sheer stupidity of the scene. The script is inconsistent – you’ll have Annie and Jay go from behaving the way most of us would if stuck in a similar situation, to doing cocaine and attempting to fight off a dog in a ridiculous manner. Not to mention full on breaking and entering with their kids along for the ride. It seems some of the gags are thrown in to hit the “outrages comedy” mark, but sorely misses it. Instead leaving an impression of a script trying hard.

Characters are extremely one dimensional, we know they love each other and have kids.  The rest – Annie is a “mommy blogger” who is about to sell her blog for a lot of money, and Jay works in a radio station. That is literally all you’ll know about them. While mentioned over and over again as one of the reasons to retrieve the sex tape, we never do find out if she ends up selling her blog.

Jay and Annie are represented as intelligent and technology savvy, yet make decisions that are anything but smart. Surely a smart individual would not give into peer pressure or at least know how to use a software which they use daily.

While title and theme suggests otherwise, there is nothing really raunchy in this film, so you’ll be sadly disappointed if that is what you are looking for. With that being said, both stars appear nude on more than one occasion but it’s more laugh worthy (due to the positions they are in) than anything else. It proves that there’s nothing either of these actors wouldn’t do for a laugh. Which should be appreciated. Not many actors would do a headstand while letting it all hang out like Segel did in this film.

There is comedic chemistry between the two main stars which does sustain the movie, while allowing a couple of genuine laughs, especially when we get to see some of the highlights from their sex tape. The best moment of the film has to go to the adorable but vicious German Sheppard that chases Jay around a mansion. Also Rob Lowe – who plays the eccentric, heavy metal loving potential boss of Annie.

With a little more work on the script, this film could have been a more enjoyable comedy.  I rate it 4 stars.

Sex Tape is out in cinemas now.


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