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Backtrack Boys Review

“A group of troubled boys are on a perilous course towards jail until they meet up with the rough talking, free-wheeling jackaroo, Bernie Shakeshaft, and hit the road with his legendary dog jumping team.” BACKTRACK BOYS is a new feature Australian documentary by Catherine Scott. The audience is thrown right into the action from the first frame. The setting is country New South Wales, there are num...

1% Review

Knuck (Matt Nable) is the president of an outlaw motorcycle gang called the Copperheads. While he has been in prison, Paddo (Ryan Corr), the vice-president, has been running things in preparation for Knuck’s return.  What Paddo has also been doing is modernising the Copperheads’ activities and alliances in order to turn the gang into a legitimate business. He is supported by his girlfriend K...

Ghost Stories Review

Paranormal investigator Professor Goodman (Andy Nyman) investigates a trio of real supernatural sightings left behind by the great paranormal debunker Charles Cameron. The surviving witnesses recount their nightmarish tales; a night watchman with an estranged daughter is haunted by the decisions of his past; a disturbed young man is hunted down by a creature in the woods; a wealthy father-to-be se...

First Man Review

Neil Armstrong was a Navy pilot who flew combat missions during the Korean War. Later, he was a  test pilot for the forerunner organization to NASA and eventually became NASA’s first civilian astronaut in space. In 1969, he was the commander of the Apollo 11 Mission which was the moon landing watched by 600 million people worldwide. FIRST MAN takes us through the years leading up to Apollo 11 by s...

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