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Jason Sudeikis

Booksmart Review

Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein) are about to graduate high school. The long-time best friends spent four years studying hard and have been offered places in top colleges.  They studied so hard, in fact, that they never socialised with their peers, whom they consider to be immature time-wasters who will never amount to anything. Their view about themselves and their fellow students...

We’re the Millers Review

WE’RE THE MILLERS is the story of David Burke (Jason Sudeikis), a low-status weed dealer, who find himself owing money to his supplier (Ed Helms). Helms insists he smuggles a ‘smidge’ of marijuana back across the border with Mexico. David realizes that a single man driving a van appears suspicious, whereas a vacationing family in a motorhome will go right under the radar, as it were. So David pays...

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