Zoolander 2






Vogue asks Derek Zoolander 73 Questions

Vogue Magazine has a Youtube series called 73 Questions and over the last few years star’s such as Nicole Kidman, Iggy Azalea, Victoria Beckham, Lupita Nyong’o, Blake Lively and many more ...

Trailer Debut – Zoolander 2

The first full trailer to ZOOLANDER 2 is here, Ben Stiller is back with Owen Wilson once again and they’re joined by a massive list of celebrities including Will Ferrell who is back as Mugatu, P...

Derek Zoolander and Hansel Walk in Valentino Fashion Show

Ben Stiller has been talking about Zoolander 2 for years now and he has finally found the best way to announce that its officially happening. Derek Zoolander and Hansel walked the runway at the Valent...