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It’s safe to say my expectations for I, FRANKENSTEIN were lower than the limbo pole at an ant’s birthday party.

While I usually avoid all media surrounding any film I’m set to critique, a momentary lapse exposed a rash of rather scathing reviews prior to our screening.

It was enough to put me right off…. But then again, since when did film critics actually get it right?! (hehe!)

After a tumultuous “birth”, and laden with some hefty Daddy issues, the creature Adam Frankenstein unknowingly stumbles into an all out, centuries old war between two immortal clans: Demons and Gargoyles.  Adam must not only fight to protect himself, but all of mankind.

Yep, you guessed it: The story line is far from complex. It’s a slightly disappointing offering by Australian writer/director Stuart Beattie – particularly when you consider he penned PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL.

Though, to be fair, it’s no worse than half the tripe Hollywood mass produces each year. And, admittedly, I have not read the graphic novel; perhaps Beattie was given little to work with in terms of source material.

Filmed largely in Melbourne, one can find amusement from a game of ‘spot the Aussie’ with our very own homegrown actors filling what is mostly a perfectly adequate cast. Sadly though, they are given little scope to impress.

With it’s simple story I, FRANKENSTEIN is a ‘no acting required’ affair.  Even Bill Nighy (who can do no wrong in my book) fails to impress. The script allows for zero flexing of dramatic muscles. Add to this Beattie’s inexperience as a director, and the actors are left a little short changed.

This aside, there is still plenty of fun to be had.

With nice visuals, great fight choreography, decent effects, an attractive cast and a kick arse sound track, I, FRANKENSTEIN sounds and looks pretty darn good.

While I was not quite impressed, I was entertained!

And hey, it’s a step up from Neighbours so let’s see it as a positive move towards Australia’s eventual global domination of the film industry! Ok, I may be getting a little ahead of myself….

While it’s nothing special, I FRANKENSTEIN deserves better than it’s current harsh critiques. It looks good, it sounds good and it’s entertaining.

I rate it 5 stars

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