Man of Steel






Man of Steel Breaks Records!

We may still be waiting for the MAN OF STEEL to land in Aussie cinemas, but it’s international opening weekend figures suggest it may be worth the wait! Is it just me or is every second film bre...

New Man of Steel Trailer Debuts

The full length trailer for the upcoming Zack Snyder Superman movie MAN OF STEEL hit the internet world wide this morning and this one is a definite improvement over the previous teaser. From Warner B...

The Man Of Steel Receives Its Editor

The buzz surrounding Zack Snyder’s venture into the Superman universe–”The Man of Steel”–is that they have cast the character of Perry White; the no nonsense, often-times...

Amy Adams cast as Lois Lane in Superman: The Man of Steel

The news has hit today that Amy Adams (The Fighter, Enchanted), has won the much sought after role of Lois Lane in the Zak Snyder reboot of Superman: The Man of Steel. Ending weeks of speculation as t...

Henry Cavill is Superman: The Man of Steel

The internet is abuzz with news that Zack Snyder has cast his leading man for the role of Superman/Clark Kent in his upcoming film Superman: The Man of Steel. Henry Cavill, 27, is a relatively new fac...