Star Trek Beyond






Star Trek’s Kelvin timeline confirmed to continue…

The quasi rebooted/new timeline of Star Trek films have reached their trilogy mark with Star Trek Beyond.

Trailer Debut – Star Trek Beyond

The second trailer for STAR TREK BEYOND is here! The first one didn’t really peak my fancy but this one looks great! Take a look below. “Star Trek Beyond,” the highly anticipate...

Star Trek 3 Searching for a Director

With JJ’s departure from the JJ-verse Star Trek film series to Star Wars Episode VII, Star Trek 3 was tasked with finding a new director and quickly slotted in long-time Abrams collaborator Robe...

Star Trek 3 Director!

Star Trek 3 appears to have secured a director, with JJ Abrams attached to Star Wars it’s long been known that Paramount were on the hunt for a replacement. Reports indicate that Roberto Orci ha...