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Naomie Harris

Venom: Let There Be Carnage Review

I recall a boozy Saturday night spent watching 2018’s Venom with some fondness. A kind soul had lent us the 4K Blu-ray but the bad word of mouth led to its addition to the pile of great unwatched. It wasn’t until we moved house and the rest of our movie collection was boxed up that we finally gave the alien comic book flick a shot, and perhaps it was the gin’s doing but I found myself pleasantly s...

No Time To Die Review

British super spy, James Bond is back. NO TIME TO DIE is the 25th film of the Bond franchise produced by Eon Productions. Planning began back in 2016. The story follows on from SPECTRE (2015), however its beginnings thread back to CASINO ROYALE (2006). This is the final episode in the five-film arc of the Daniel Craig iteration of the Bond character. The story begins with Bond travelling through I...

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