Laura Blundell

I'm just an almost-30 film school dropout trying to get by in a world without Blockbuster.



Gunda Review

More vital experience than film, Gunda (a Scandinavian word meaning “female warrior”) follows our titular sow in unadulterated black and white as she has motherhood thrust upon her and then shortly after, taken away. A much-anticipated and dreaded (by me) documentary-of-sorts, this film is helmed by visionary Russian filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky and executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix, whose own...



From Sky to Sea Review

Jaimen Hudson: From Sky to Sea follows WA’s own Three-Eyed Seagull (and Warg-of-sorts) who operates a drone from the confines of his wheelchair to capture oceanic wildlife footage and share it with hundreds of millions of people worldwide. A motorcycle accident at the age of 17 left our subject with injuries that have so far prevented him from getting back into the waters of Esperance that h...



Cosmic Sin Review

Bruce Willis in a sci-fi action film – words that ignited cautious excitement in the heart of someone whose favourite film is Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. But where that 90s cult classic dazzled with Jean Paul Gaultier costumes, gaudy brilliance and all-in performances from the entire cast, this new film by Edward Drake (who?) is a speck of dust that I’m likely to have forgotten by the ti...



Minari Review

Minari is an American-made film produced by Brad Pitt about an immigrant family living in the Ozarks chasing the ‘American Dream’, but for one reason or another (my bet is a lack of faith in the American people’s ability to read subtitles) it was ineligible for the Best Picture nomination for the upcoming Golden Globes. Lulu Wang’s Independent Spirit Award-winning The Farewell faced similar ...



Wrong Turn Review

From the acclaimed director of a movie that no one saw comes a reboot of 2003’s Wrong Turn – the first in a franchise that no one really asked for and that has fared poorly in every iteration (the second has a small cult following but I’m fairly sure it’s only because of Henry Rollins.) This new one stars Matthew Modine (did he forget that he was in a Kubrick film?) and Bill Sage of We Are W...



Another Round Review

Another Round stars Great Dane Mads Mikkelsen and was released on my birthday in his home country of Denmark last year. For reasons I will explain in annoying detail below, this means a lot. My name is Laura and I have had an unhealthy obsession with Mads Mikkelsen for rather a long time. I was first introduced to his pale eyebrows and odd skull shape as Le Chiffre in the best Bond movie of all ti...



High Ground Review

Simon Baker has hair like a woman (I am quoting a jab made towards his character in Stephen Maxwell Johnson’s High Ground and not stating my personal opinion, which is that he is a very handsome and distinguished Australian talent.) He plays Travis, an ex-sniper and person-who-keeps-some-truly-awful-company in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory in 1919. He is involved in a police operation that ends ...