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Fashionistas rejoice! The fly on the wall style documentary of the most sought-after yearly fashion event is here.
The First Monday in May covers the preparation for the 2015 Met Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, which turned out to be the most attended fashion exhibition in history. Main contributor to the documentary is the curator for the gala, Andrew Bolton.  Followed by the infamous woman herself, Anna Wintour, who proves herself to be as tough as her reputation led us to believe. Though equally as witty. This documentary starts from where they come up with the idea of “China: Through the Looking Glass” through to the designs of the stage, celebrity guest invites, and of course, finding the right style of clothing items which fit the theme.
Even as a fashion lover, there were some scepticism on my end about this film. I thought only hard core fashionistas would get any enjoyment out of watching people prepare for this gala. The First Monday in May  proved me wrong.
Andrew Bolton, who is the main man of the film, is soft spoken, passionate and extremely likeable. He gives off an aura that would make most creative people want to sit down and have discussions with him. Anna Wintour is more of a side kick and when she appears on the screen, it becomes apparent why. She is bold, tough, and has magnificent responses to anyone who stands in the way of her achieving what she wants, which may not translate well to some viewers. However, I suspect many will come away liking and respecting her more.
The First Monday in May is beautifully shot with vivid colours to showcase the fashion and the luxury of it all. Viewers also get glimpses of personalities of a few well known fashion designers, such as Galliano, Lagerfield and the larrikin many know as Gaultier.  They are joined by other fashion people who make some hilarious remarks about celebrities and their lack of work. Their styles are also not exempt from some tongue-in-cheek remarks.
This documentary features almost every living celebrity you can think of. Several appear for a few seconds, while others like Kate Hudson and Justin Bieber, are interviewed and followed around the museum. Rihanna fans get glimpses of her rehearsal and performance of a questionable “song” choice at the Gala.
Andrew Rossi created a film which is not strictly for those who love fashion, it’s a hilarious and fascinating behind the scenes look at a world most won’t ever experience. I highly recommend The First Monday in May, especially if you’re not in the mood for any superhero or comedy flicks this weekend.
I rate it 7 out of 10 stars.
The First Monday in May is in selected cinemas now.
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