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Thor: The Dark World






Thor: The Dark World Gag Reel

The gag reel for Thor: The Dark World has just landed online and its hilarious. From dancing, things breaking and even issues with birds it features pretty much the entire cast including Tom Hiddlesto...

Video: Thor The Dark World LA Premiere

With the UK premiere all wrapped up the cast and director headed off to the states with the US Premiere in Los Angeles, take a look below at the footage from the red carpet. THOR: THE DARK WORLD opens...

Watch – Thor: The Dark World Press Conference

The UK Premiere for THOR: THE DARK WORLD has just wrapped up and the press conference with Director Alan Taylor, Chris Hemsworth, Kat Dennings, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Chrstipher Eccleston an...

Clip: Thor – The Dark World “Where Were You”

New Clip has just landed from THOR: THE DARK WORLD titled “Where Were You” which shows us the moment Jane Foster played by Natalie Portman see’s THOR, Chris Hemsworth for the first t...

Thor: The Dark World – TV Spot 1

Only five weeks until Thor: The Dark World hits aussie screens and excitement sure is building, the first TV Spot has just been released with some rather nice added dialog not seen in the trailer and ...

More Loki coming for Thor: The Dark World

Seem’s Thor: The Dark World needs a bit more of an injection of Tom Hiddleston’s LOKI, as the flick goes back into the studio for reshoots. Most of the time when reshoots are happening it ...

Trailer Debut – Thor: The Dark World

We got the first Thor: The Dark World trailer a few months ago and it looked amazing and now trailer 2 has just been released. Two words: totally pumped. It’s no secret I absolutely loved the fi...

Thor: The Dark World Trailer Debuts

The first ‘teaser’ for THOR: THE DARK WORLD has just landed online and wow, it’s no secret I loved the first movie and this one looks just as amazing.. eventhough it was quite hilari...

Thor: The Dark World Official Synopsis Revealed

The official synopsis for the upcoming Marvel masterpeice ‘Thor: The Dark World’ has just been released via Marvel Studios. The entire cast from the first film is back for the second insta...

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