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Jordan Peel received critical acclaim for Get Out in 2017, after its massive success, he wrote & directed Us, another film with an intriguing concept. The question is, can Us live up to the hype?

There is very little to be said about Us without spoiling the entire storyline. Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) experienced a traumatic event in her childhood which caused her to believe that she has a double out to get her. She fears that something doesn’t feel quite right as her and the rest of the family visit their vacation house years later. That night, a family shows up in their driveway ready to terrorise them.

Exquisite cinematography combined with dark undertones and grim imagery serve to creep out and alarm viewers from start to finish. Peele adds mystery to the film by blending multiple symbolisms to the plot, most of which are left open for interpretation by the viewer. Making the film and the last scene particularly interesting as it will leave everyone thinking and talking about their interpretation of it all.

Much to Peele’s credit, Us does intense mystery really well, however, I can’t call this a horror, it is more of a psychological thriller.

Peele has put together a stellar cast with Winston Duke (plays Gabe Wilson), who provides a comedic relief to an otherwise intense story. Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex are outstanding in their roles as Zora and Jason Wilson. Lupita Nyong’o undeniably deserves an award for her performance as Adelaide and Red.

Of course, the soundtrack serves up all the delightful 90s RnB. Most noticeably “I Got 5 On It” which has been reworked and featured heavily in the trailer. Unlike other movies, Us does actually play the song in the film as well.

The only led down in Us is the explanation of having a double, not only is it filled with loopholes but it’s the kind that one just can’t ignore. The explanation feels weak compared to the rest of the story which diminishes the impact of the plot.

Other than the one weakness, Us is a well made powerful thriller that will keep you talking long after the movie ends. 7.5/10

Us is in cinemas now.

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