Cruella Review

When I first heard a Cruella origin story was in the pipeline, I was admittedly intrigued. “You think you can make me ‘understand’ an evil puppy killer, Disney?” I declared to anyone who would listen – which was no-one –  “Goodluck!”  So has Disney succeeded at humanising one of the most unforgivable Disney villains? Has this flick done for Cruella d...

I Blame Society Review

I’m frankly obsessed with this film. I’ve watched it four times. Each time I notice something new to love. As such, it’s hard to write a review that isn’t just a blow by blow account of what happens. Or a long list of all my favourite lines, many of which wouldn’t make much sense without the context. ‘I’m a murderer, not some frenzied spree killer!’ I quote, cackling, to a group of people who have...

Guns Akimbo Review

GUNS AKIMBO launches into the action from its very first frame. Our narrator is Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) a put-upon video game developer who hates his job; he is under the thumb working on a money-spinning hypercasual game that he has no respect for. His boss bullies him. His long-term girlfriend Nova (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) has left him (probably). When he’s home alone in his flat, he gets hammere...

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