The Suicide Squad Review

After stumbling out of the block in 2016, the deeply unsatisfying identity crisis victim Suicide Squad left plenty to be desired. Had it not been for the impressive box office receipts, we may not have seen the continued adventures of a group of violent criminals forced to team up to save the world (well, at least for another 5 to 10 years when the dust had settled and DC felt comfortable re-booti...

Fast & Furious 9 Review

Cipher enlists the help of Jakob, Dom’s younger brother to take revenge on Dom and his team.

Cruella Review

When I first heard a Cruella origin story was in the pipeline, I was admittedly intrigued. “You think you can make me ‘understand’ an evil puppy killer, Disney?” I declared to anyone who would listen – which was no-one –  “Goodluck!”  So has Disney succeeded at humanising one of the most unforgivable Disney villains? Has this flick done for Cruella d...