Terminator: Dark Fate






Terminator 6

If you thought the Terminator franchise is done after the 2015 release then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Terminator 6 is on its way and has already founds its new Terminator. Best known fo...

He’ll Be Back: Terminator Reboot.

THE TERMINATOR is back….again. Paramount Pictures have announced the sixth instalment of the franchise is slated to hit theatres July, 2019. Good news for fans: Linda Hamilton will be returning as Sar...

Linda Hamilton returning to Terminator

While the last attempt to reinvigorate the Terminator franchise failed to generate strong reviews or great box office results ($440m worldwide is far from a disaster but still failed to meet expectati...

Arnie Is Up For Terminator 6!

    Arnie has sparked rumours that a TERMINATOR 6 could be on the horizon.   After the critical and box office failure of last year’s TERMINATOR GENISYS, plans for further in...