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Justice League






The final trailer is here – Justice League

The final trailer to Warner Bros. upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is here… I think some of us may be a little more excited about the new Last Jedi trailer coming tomorrow but in the meantime this ...

Justice League Re-shoots

The DC Cinematic Universe team up film – Justice League is only a few months away, scheduled for release on November 16 but there’s been a lot happening behind the camera, and now to be in front of th...

Justice League trailer is here!

The new Justice League trailer has been released and gives a quick glimpse at bringing together the different elements of the league, and while it still looks very much in the tone of what’s come befo...

Green Lantern appearing in Justice League?

2011’s Green Lantern film starting Ryan Reynolds has few redeeming qualities, and despite Geoff Johns involvement with the film, it crushed the hearts of Green Lantern fans around the world. Nee...

Justice League Dark Changes.

Warner Bros have huge plans for Justice League Dark with a new director on board for the project. After the mighty talented Guillermo Del Toro left to focus on “other things”, th...

Justice League Announced!

It’s been officially announced from Warner Bros themselves that a Justice League of America film is in development, and planned to follow on from the 2016 film currently referred to as Batman vs...

Justice League Batman Rumours

There has been much speculation over the last week regarding progress on a Justice League film, specifically on what incarnation of Batman will be included in the project. SPOILER ALERT FOR THE DARK K...

Justice League Rumors/Update

Various rumors about a ‘Justice League of America’ film have been circulating following the cinematic release of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, some of the speculation regards potent...

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